Return and Refund policy

You are responsible and undertake that –

  1. You are eligible for vaccination as per the guidelines laid down by the Government of India and ICMR.
  2. There is no History of Allergy or any such disease and/or medical condition for which you have to consult your Doctor to take vaccine.
  3. You have not suffered from Covid 19 in last 3 months nor are you currently suffering from Covid 19..
  4. There is no History of Immunodeficiency like HIV etc
  5. You are not on any Medication which may be harmful for vaccination and have severe effects on your health condition.
  6. There is no other contra Indication

If, for any reason, you want to cancel or reschedule your vaccination :- .

If cancelled  before vaccination, then you are liable to get  the entire refund of the amount paid by you, and the same shall be credited within 5-7 days to your bank account which you have used for making payment . For such refund, actual receipt of payment is mandatory.

After scheduled vaccination no refund will be allowed.

You can do so by visiting this page on our website: