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The Experience


Myrtle Enclave offers a fascinating view of the central green valley. The soothing and serene green vista sets the tone of tranquility that IQ City is all about. The enclave is complete in itself with an expanse of landscaped green, community centre and a whole gamut of recreational spaces like the Jazz Deck, Grasshopper Terrace and Myrtle Deck.

Myrtle Enclave comprises of two sections: Myrtle Croft and Myrtle Dell. Myrtle

Croft has 7 towers namely MC-1, MC-2, MC-3, MC-4, MC-5, MC-6, MC-7.

Myrtle Dell also has 7 towers namely MD-1, MD-2, MD-3, MD-4, MD-5, MD-6, MD-7.

Jazz Deck

The teenage population always is in need of a lot of 'space'. The Jazz Deck is a community recreational centre dedicated to them. A shallow water front adds to the beauty of this fun spot.

Grass Hopper Terrace

This is a separate play area specially for the children. No restriction on their movements, no barriers to their imagination, no hindrance in their fleeting "hither and thither" as and when they want. Well planned sitting arrangements provide the much needed resting place for parents, not as active as their children.