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A 100 acres integrated township

IQ City - a 100 acres integrated township has two entrance gates,
North Gate and South Gate, to the property.

  • Feature Column
  • Entrance Gate
  • Water Body
  • Portal Feature
  • Guard Room/Security
  • Toilet
  • Feature Wall
  • Grassed Mound
  • Pathway

Live Green

Inspiration - YOU I Expression - OUR 100 ACRES OF TOWNSHIP

Where every corner, every structure, element is created keeping your needs in mind.

Where the ‘indoors’ and ‘outdoors’ mingle seamlessly
Where flowers reflect the myriad of changing seasons
Where ‘green’ pervades all - Physically, emotionally & spiritually

A township where -

  • 88% of the space is open to skies
  • Two thirds of this space is green and recreational
  • The spinous central green is accessed safely by your child
    without having to cross a road.

Green Valley


The crescent valley flows through the residential precinct creating opportunities
for conversation, play and picnics, as well as spaces for solitary refuge -

The landscape is crafted to achive

  • Simple and attractive spaces
  • Majestic and impressive spaces
  • Enclosed and intimate spaces

Tropical Foliage

A Feast Of Colour

The landscape recreates the lush tropical foliage so iconic of Bengal.
Majority of the plants within IQ City are native or naturalized.

  • The Chalta, Chatta, Kadam, Krishna Chuda all find a place here. The trees
    would be labelled so that no child would grow up here a stranger to our
    wonderful natural heritage. The flowering trees provide a feast of colour,
    the accents changing with the seasons. The gold of the Indian Labummum
    will add to the brilliance of summer, while the gentle hues of the Kachnar
    and Kolar brighten the winter.

Conscious Green

Sustainable township management

‘’Sustainable practices navigate successfully through time and space
while others crack up and vanish’’

  • Water treatment plant & water recycle system
  • Rain Gardens, Bioswales
  • Photovoltic panels
  • Vermicompost pits
  • Native and naturalized plants

Live young

Live young. Forver.

Live young. Forever. At IQ City, we believe, indulging in different
fun activities truly makes you grow younger.

  • A multiplex, swimming pool and lots more inside the township will
    spoil you for choice. After a hard day’s work or in the weekends
    you will surely enjoy, relax and get recharged at the plush club in
    IQ City.

    Now Durgapore has got a heart which is green, vibrant and active
    - Emerald Crescent at IQ City, 13 acres of central zone. It will
    change the way you thought of urban living traditionally. Whether
    you call it ‘green living’, ‘active living’ or anything else, we belive
    Emerald Crescent, the central green area of IQ City will let you
    breathe, relax and enjoy an urban life to the fullest.

Live Nurtured

Nurturing environment

At IQ City, we belive, your children’s talent grow to their full potential
when they live nurtured. A school right inside the township not only
promises your child a nurturing environment to hone his talent but makes
eveyday commuting to and from school literally ‘child’s play’.

  • International standard day/residential school
  • Medical College
  • Dental Collge
  • Other allied institutions

Play Hard

Bring back the joy of your childhood

At IQ City, the sports facilites offered are sure to bring back the joy of your child hood.

  • A huge football field, tennis courts, basketball court, cricket nets,
    skating, putting and paddle boating will not only add state-of-the-art
    recreational facilities to Durgapur but also energies you to ensure a
    healthy life everyday. Apart from honing skills in sports for residents
    of IQ City, it will also let students from different schools and colleges
    in Durgapur take part in recreational activities.

Live Cared

‘being cared for’

At IQ City ‘being cared for’ has been given a complete new dimension. Live
a life with the latest medical facilities and get an experienced team of doctors
at your services always at hand, within the township itself. Isn’t it great to live
a tension free life!

  • Hospital
  • Supar - speciality hospital
  • Medi-inn

Live Safety

‘Living’ ideas

Safety is an integral part of IQ City. It is reflected in the way the entire
township is planned, the way different ‘living’ ideas are conceived.

  • In every aspect of living, each and every security need of its residents
    are taken care of.