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About IQ City

About IQ City

We believe new ideas are needed to improve the quality of life in today’s urban environment. The urban fabric of the core areas of any metropolis is under severe stress because of uncontrolled growth and the absence of hub-and-spoke model.


To enable the metro outwards, we along with
the state government have conceived a 'solution'
in the form of an integrated township to improve the quality of urban living.

The quality of a city's urban environment is determined by the quality of open pedestrian plaza, open public places, good governance, good driveways etc. At IQ City - a 100 acres township, we promise to give you such public places to meet and greet neighbours and friends and to celebrate life. Faster movement of cars, inspiring public building and residences, a modern lifestyle with a sensitive urban design, centralized security protocols, good entertainment facilities is our pledge to deliver to you at IQ City so that you live in perfect harmony.